April Changelog

Updated on November 21, 2018

Welcome to the Plaid Changelog! Our Changelogs are a series of posts dedicated
to highlighting the new products, features, and upgrades we launch each month.


At the start of this year, we committed to providing the best possible bank
coverage in terms of quality, availability, and breadth. Check out the progress
we’ve made so far.

Expanded Auth coverage

In April, we launched over 200 new institutions on our Auth endpoint, bringing
the total number of institutions that support Auth to over 700 on April 30.


Plaid Link for iOS

Link for iOS is finally here! We
first launched Link back in 2015 to help
developers integrate Plaid more quickly. Since then, it’s become the best way
to connect a bank account to a fintech application. The Link iOS SDK is a big
step forward for the design and simplicity of the Link experience. We’ve also
seen higher user signup rates for applications using Link iOS.

You can check out Plaid Link iOS in the wild in the latest version of

New partners


We launched a new partnership with Dwolla
to offer a fully-tokenized ACH payment solution. With the Plaid + Dwolla
integration, customers can instantly authenticate and onboard their users using
Plaid’s tokenized solution, making the ACH process simpler and more secure.

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