Institution customizations for Link

We’re excited to share the latest feature in our ongoing effort to make Link work even more seamlessly with your existing experience. Core to Plaid is the wide breadth of institutions we support to help you build the most inclusive products possible. We know that “top” institutions are different

New analytics and customization features for Link

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to make Link even more powerful and flexible for developers, starting with customizable copy. We’re excited to share that today we’re releasing new Link features with that goal in mind: Analytics: Use the new onEvent callback to follow your

Introducing customizable copy in Link

Because Link is a key part of onboarding your users, we’re always striving to make it fit in seamlessly with the rest of your experience. Today, we released the ability to customize copy within Link. You can now directly edit copy for the successful connection, reconnection, institution select, and

Two-factor authentication for the Dashboard

As part of our ongoing commitment to security, we’re launching two-factor authentication for the Dashboard today. This extra layer of security ensures that your Dashboard account is protected even if your password is compromised. Currently, you can set up two-factor authentication in one of two ways: either with authentication

Improving the developer experience with our API

We’re excited to announce upgrades and enhancements to our API — including simplified endpoints, redesigned docs and client libraries, a new sandbox, and a native iOS integration for Link. All of these updates are designed to make it easier than ever to integrate Plaid into your app and empower your

Announcing a new mobile experience for Plaid Link

We're excited to share new Link product updates that we've been working on that improve the mobile experience and make it even easier to integrate. Redesigned mobile experience Link’s look and feel on mobile devices has been redesigned from the ground up to ensure compatibility and performance on a