Changelog - May 2018

Here is a summary of what we've shipped over the last month: Canada: We announced support for Canadian financial institutions across all products and control for developers to enable them in the Dashboard API Versioning: We introduced API versioning, which allows us to continue rapidly improving our API while maintaining

Transaction Dupes - Debugging multiple race conditions

Last summer, we started receiving feedback from a few customers that they were being notified about pairs of new transactions that appeared to be duplicates of one another. Pulling up a level, our Transactions product returns users' transaction history at almost every bank in the United States. For many customers,

Plaid in Canada

Enabling innovation in financial services means doing so everywhere. Today, we’re taking a step towards this vision by announcing our first international market: Canada. This launch extends our full API suite to Canada, including EFT authentication via our Auth endpoint. We’ve added coverage for the largest financial institutions

Introducing API secrets by environment

Starting today, distinct API secrets can be set for the Sandbox, Development, and Production environments. This allows you to easily grant varying levels of access to the Plaid API across your organization, meaning you can now safely give your entire development team access to the Sandbox environment. To make this

Plaid People: Joy Zheng

Before Plaid, software engineer Joy Zheng worked as an engineer at Vessel and studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Harvard University. Joy talks Plaid, her love for baking, and how a little bit of statistics helped change up her reading routine in a big way. Photo by Kevin Hu What

Drop leverages Plaid’s Transactions to innovate faster, further and better

When the founders of Drop set out to build their customer loyalty rewards platform, they envisioned a truly seamless user experience. To ensure they realized their vision, they turned to Plaid. Plaid’s Transactions product offers clean transactional data and simple integration, so that companies can focus on delivering the

Changelog - April 2018

Here is a summary of what we've been working on over the last month: Assets: We announced that our new Assets product is live, for those of you in the mortgage space, approved by Fannie Mae for Day 1 Certainty™ asset verification. Check out the docs and integrate today! Link


Back in March 2015, when Plaid had just a few dozen employees, we realized that even though we were laser-focused on getting Plaid off the ground, some of our best ideas might be unleashed if we gave ourselves a break from day-to-day work to focus on other projects. We called

Live Oak Bank: Secure & Speedy Branchless Banking with Plaid

Security and speed—that’s what our bank customers expect. With Plaid’s Auth and Identity products, your company’s tech can meet the same high standards as your customer service. In order to best serve its growing numbers of small business and personal banking customers, digital bank Live Oak

Our commitment to building an inclusive financial ecosystem

We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently joined the Center for Financial Services Innovation’s (CFSI) Financial Health Network. CFSI was established to promote innovation in financial services to meet the financial health needs of all Americans. This goal aligns well with our mission to lower the barriers

Plaid Assets and Day 1 Certainty: a win-win solution for digital mortgage

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our Assets product is out of beta and Plaid is officially approved to supply asset verification reports to Fannie Mae as part of their Day 1 Certainty initiative. This means that lenders can embed Plaid directly into their application experience and provide borrowers

Changelog - March 2018

Here is a summary of what we've been working on over the last month

Join the future of financial services - Simple

Earlier this year, I had the exciting opportunity to interview Susan Ehrlich, Chief Financial Officer at Simple. Simple takes a unique approach to digital banking by leveraging technology to make a different kind of profit in consumer banking. “Traditionally, financial institutions have been incentivized to take advantage of their customers’

Our Journey in Mortgage

Last year, we made a commitment to better serve the mortgage market. We did this because we believed that digitization could bring transformation both for this industry and for the hundreds of millions of people who depend on it to fulfill their dreams of homeownership. Studies backed up that potential

Changelog - February 2018

Here is a summary of what we've been working on over the last month

Link Deployment with AWS Lambda@Edge

We’re always working to make Link the best way for developers to start building on Plaid. Link is our SDK that handles user authentication, two-factor flows, and error handling. Every release must clear a quality process that includes rigorous code review, an extensive unit test suite, and integration tests

Changelog - 2017 Year in Review

Going into 2018, we wanted to take a look back at the product launches and improvements of last year in our final Changelog of 2017. Bank coverage As you can tell from our announcements about improved coverage, we made a lot of progress adding new banks and products in 2017.

Improving search for 9,600+ banks

Today, Link helps your end-users quickly find and link their accounts at over 9,600 financial institutions. Though most users find their institution right from the Institution Select view, many end up searching through the thousands of mid-size to small banks and credit unions we support. We’re excited to

Inside the design of Plaid Link

Back when we first started Plaid, we set out to build APIs that would provide the most seamless way possible for developers to integrate with financial institutions. That might not inherently sound like an opportunity for design, but as more and more developers started using our platform, more and more

October Changelog

Welcome to the October Changelog! This month, we shipped our usual financial institution upgrades along with a refresh to our docs, a revamped developer onboarding experience, and more customization features for Link. Check out the details below. Banks This month, we added Auth support for 25 institutions, including First Financial

Institution customizations for Link

We’re excited to share the latest feature in our ongoing effort to make Link work even more seamlessly with your existing experience. Core to Plaid is the wide breadth of institutions we support to help you build the most inclusive products possible. We know that “top” institutions are different

September Changelog

Welcome back to the Changelog! We spent September continuing to improve our financial institution coverage as well as shipping a bunch of new features for Link. For a recap of August highlights, check out last month’s Changelog. Banks We upgraded another 150+ financial institutions this month, including extending transaction

New analytics and customization features for Link

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to make Link even more powerful and flexible for developers, starting with customizable copy. We’re excited to share that today we’re releasing new Link features with that goal in mind: Analytics: Use the new onEvent callback to follow your

August Changelog

We’re back with the August edition of the Changelog! We’ve been busy shipping improvements to our platform this summer, and we’re excited to share some highlights. For a refresher on what we rolled out last month, head over to July’s Changelog. Banks As we continue to

Making sense of messy bank data

At Plaid, we collect data from more than 9,600 financial institutions. That means 9,600 ways of classifying an ATM deposit, a refill at a gas station, an online purchase at Amazon, or that important bi-weekly paycheck. It also involves dealing with 9,600 ways of formatting everything from

Now supporting Identity for 1,000+ institutions

A few weeks ago, we announced that we had expanded coverage of our Identity product to 300 financial institutions in the United States. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve broadened coverage once again, and now supply Identity information for more than 1,000 financial institutions in the

July Changelog

Welcome back to the Plaid Changelog! The Changelog is your go-to place to get the latest on the products, features, and upgrades we launch each month. Curious what we were up to last month? Check out the June Changelog. Banks Over the past month, we’ve continued upgrading integrations across

Channeling the power of identity data

Recent innovation in financial services has allowed consumers to share their data in the platforms of their choice. These data run the gamut from historical transactions, to payments info, to income data, and tax info. But while ecosystem participants generally agree on the usefulness of those data types, identity info

How many financial institutions are in the U.S.?

It might seem like a simple thing to establish how many financial institutions are in the United States. After all, this is pretty important when you’re establishing coverage for as many consumers as possible. But over the past several years building Plaid, we’ve learned that this is actually

Introducing customizable copy in Link

Because Link is a key part of onboarding your users, we’re always striving to make it fit in seamlessly with the rest of your experience. Today, we released the ability to customize copy within Link. You can now directly edit copy for the successful connection, reconnection, institution select, and

June Changelog

Welcome to the Plaid Changelog! Our Changelogs are a series of posts dedicated to highlighting the new products, features, and upgrades we launch each month. Check out last month’s Changelog here. Banks At the start of this year, we committed to providing the best possible bank coverage in terms

Now supporting Identity for 300+ institutions

We’re excited to announce today that our Identity product supports more than 300 financial institutions in the United States, from Regions Bank to Ally Bank—a big jump from the 11 we supported at the beginning of this year. These new institutions come in addition to the ones we’

Fintech Request for Startups

The past five years have brought significant excitement to financial services. From a consumer perspective, there have been more products launched in this period than in the previous 225 years, since the first bank launched in the United States. Driving this innovation is an increase in mobile adoption coupled with

Two-factor authentication for the Dashboard

As part of our ongoing commitment to security, we’re launching two-factor authentication for the Dashboard today. This extra layer of security ensures that your Dashboard account is protected even if your password is compromised. Currently, you can set up two-factor authentication in one of two ways: either with authentication

Now supporting Auth for 1,500+ institutions

When we first launched our Auth product back in 2014, it marked the first time that consumers could make an ACH payment without typing in their bank account and routing numbers. ACH is the largest payment network in the United States and processes more than $40 trillion each year—underlying

May Changelog

We’re excited to introduce the Plaid Changelog! This is the inaugural post in a new series we’re publishing that will highlight new products, features, and upgrades we launch each month to keep you up to date on all Plaid happenings. We’ve also written retroactive Changelogs for April

Design upgrades for Link

Today we released some exciting design upgrades for Link! We first launched Link with the goal of making it the easiest and most secure way to integrate with Plaid. With just a few lines of code, Link makes it possible for end users to search for and connect to thousands

April Changelog

Welcome to the Plaid Changelog! Our Changelogs are a series of posts dedicated to highlighting the new products, features, and upgrades we launch each month. Banks At the start of this year, we committed to providing the best possible bank coverage in terms of quality, availability, and breadth. Check out

Debuting a new partnership with Dwolla

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Dwolla, the bank transfer API platform, to launch a fully tokenized ACH payments integration. This marks a huge step forward in our goal to improve one of the biggest payment networks in the U.S. Many behaviors and preferences around banking

March Changelog

Welcome to the Plaid Changelog! Our Changelogs are a series of posts dedicated to highlighting the new products, features, and upgrades we launch each month. Banks At the start of this year, we committed to providing the best possible bank coverage in terms of quality, availability, and breadth. Here’s

Announcing Plaid Link for iOS

We want to make it as easy as possible to work with financial data, and today, we're thrilled to share Link iOS, a native iOS SDK that makes connecting with user bank accounts even better on mobile. We launched Link in 2015 to help developers focus on building great applications—

Improving the developer experience with our API

We’re excited to announce upgrades and enhancements to our API — including simplified endpoints, redesigned docs and client libraries, a new sandbox, and a native iOS integration for Link. All of these updates are designed to make it easier than ever to integrate Plaid into your app and empower your

Partnering with Ellie Mae in mortgage

Today, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Ellie Mae, one of the most established and forward-thinking mortgage companies in the United States. Through this partnership, we’ll initially help digitize a historically manual element of the mortgage application process. Our new partnership integrates Plaid into Ellie Mae’

Thoughts on consumer data access

Plaid’s role in connecting financial institutions, fintech developers, and consumers places us in a unique position in the ongoing discussion around consumer data access in financial services. These issues could have a big impact on consumers and developers, which is why we regularly engage with and learn from others

Plaid plus Citi and Amex

Changing the landscape of financial services requires a partnership between financial institutions, technology firms, and startups. With this in mind, we're excited to share that Citi and American Express invested in Plaid as part of our previously announced Series B. Over the past four years, we've helped to power thousands

Plaid + Bridge

At Plaid, we’re focused on building technology that makes financial services better—and we believe design will play a major role in that effort. Until recently, experiences with financial services have been marked by complexity. But, as banking experiences increasingly become digital, good design can fundamentally change that. And

More products for more banks

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding coverage for our account authentication product, Auth, to more than 60 institutions. On top of that, we’re also broadening support for our user identity validation product, Identity, to more than 35 institutions. This release brings greater product coverage across

Announcing a new mobile experience for Plaid Link

We're excited to share new Link product updates that we've been working on that improve the mobile experience and make it even easier to integrate. Redesigned mobile experience Link’s look and feel on mobile devices has been redesigned from the ground up to ensure compatibility and performance on a

Introducing the new and improved Dashboard

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve shipped a new, completely redesigned Dashboard. New look and feel It’s hard to miss it — we’ve given the Dashboard a fresh new look. Better onboarding experience It’s not just about aesthetics, though. We wanted to make it easier

Making sense of data access approaches

Consumer access to financial data has become a hot topic of late—and with good reason. U.S. consumers are embracing a proliferation of digital financial services, spanning everything from alternative lending to automated investing. Innovation in this space rests on consumers’ ability to grant access to their personal financial

Announcing our $44M Series B

When we started building Plaid in 2012, our goal was simple: We wanted to make the financial services industry developer-friendly and enable new innovation in a space that had traditionally not had much. Largely driven by legacy technologies, intense competition, regulatory scrutiny, and security challenges, the banking industry has long

Plaid named a Gartner 'Cool Vendor'

We’re excited to share that Plaid has been named a Cool Vendor in financial services by leading research company Gartner. “The Cool Vendors in Consumer Financial Services, 2016” report, published this month, highlights Plaid’s focus on empowering consumers and developers. We’re especially proud to be selected for

Seeking refuge from unsafe JavaScript

In late 2013, the vast majority of Plaid's code was JavaScript. Though the proportion has decreased since then, JavaScript still accounts for more than half our code. Early Plaid code was fairly typical imperative JavaScript. For example: module.exports = function(raw) { var o = {}; for (var i = 0; i < raw.

Speeding up npm in virtual environments

At Plaid, we spend a lot of time thinking about the tools we use on the engineering side, which has helped us to automate time-consuming tasks and focus on empowering our customers. We wanted to peel back the curtain a bit to share some of the tools—and decisions—that

OFX 2.2

Let’s face it: Bank accounts weren’t designed with 21st century needs in mind. That’s a big part of what drives us here at Plaid—exploring how we can use technology to bridge existing infrastructure with changing consumer needs, strengthen security across the system, and reliably exchange data.

Putting consumers first in fintech

Over the past few years, Plaid has been working with a growing number of groups throughout financial services to deliver better access to financial data. We focus on helping developers build great products for consumers, but we also recognize that the technologies we’re building raise questions around data access,

Plaid + Stripe ACH

Plaid and Stripe are excited to announce a new way to authenticate and accept ACH payments. With Plaid Link’s instant ACH authentication and Stripe’s ACH API, you can start accepting payments in minutes rather than business days — all without ever handling your customers’ account and routing numbers. View

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the below FAQs for info on the most commonly asked questions we get at Plaid. If you can't find what you're looking for, I'd also recommend checking out our Help Center or reach out through our contact page! FAQ What are Plaid's products? Our core products are called

Introducing Plaid Link

Plaid Link is a quick and secure way to integrate with the Plaid API. Link is a drop-in module that handles credential validation, multi-factor authentication, and error handling for each institution that we support—all while keeping credentials from ever hitting your server. Head over to the Link docs to

Getting Started with Plaid Transactions

This quickstart guide will get you up and running with Plaid Transactions (previously known as Connect), which allows you to retrieve user-authorized transaction and account data from thousands of financial institutions in the United States. For additional information on Transactions and other Plaid endpoints, check out our full documentation here.